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Screen Lock - Funny and Safe Lock Screen App açıklaması

<b>Screen Lock is a cool, funny, and safe screen lock app. It provides fingerprint, password and pattern locks and unlock methods. Supports most popular lock screen themes, like broken glass screen, purple diamond, zipper, spider in the phone (funny joke), skull, and scary screen lock themes. Moreover, you can change lock screen wallpapers using iPhone X, cute, little puppy, emoji, full anime, nature beauty, and girly wallpaper themes.</b>

This useful, amazing, and funny lock screen app also provides security lock features like intruder selfie and notification lock. You can also activate control center on the lock screen and manage your phone.

------- Main Features of Screen Lock -------

<b>► Screen Lock & Unlock Methods</b>

It’s easy to use fingerprint lock, password lock, and pattern lock/gesture lock of this useful screen lock master app to protect your privacy. Quite easy to lock and unlock your phone.

• Fingerprint lock screen is real, with the fingerprint sensor and fingerprint simulator.

• Lock screen and unlock screen with safe password design. Simply input lock screen password to unlock your phone

• Design customized lock screen pattern to lock your phone. Set a gesture lock screen as you want!

Note: Fingerprint lock screen is only for mobile phones with Android 6.0+ and must have fingerprint hardware.

<b>► Cute Wallpapers & Screen Lock</b>

Screen Lock has various kawaii wallpapers, cute little puppy wallpapers, emoji wallpapers, girl wallpapers, as well as full anime wallpapers and backgrounds. Among them, cute, puppy, and girly wallpapers are the most popular cute wallpaper themes. Guess you may love the dog and cat lock screen themes.

<b>► Broken Glass Prank Screen Lock</b>

Use broken screen lock for fun. It likes a time bomb broken screen prank. This funny lock screen app can be used to prank your friends. The broken screen lock effect is so realistic and they will be scared. Why your phone screen is broken? It's a broken screen prank! Amazing screen lock effect!

This screen lock effect is cool and funny than other screen lock effects and methods, like fingerprint lock, password lock, and pattern lock!

<b>► Phone Screen Big Joke</b>

Screen Lock is an amazing lock screen app for entertainment. It will display an animation of animals on the lock screen of your phone. For example, a spider, mouse, snake, crocodile, or lizard will walk from one edge of your phone screen to another one. It is a screen scary joke!

Don’t like other lock screen methods, fingerprint lock, password lock, and pattern lock, this scary screen lock effect is more funny.

<b>► Diamond & Zipper Lock Screen</b>

Diamond & zipper lock screen is one of girl's favorite lock screen wallpaper themes. Now you can use this cool lock screen pattern to change the way you lock and unlock your phone screen for good.

<b>► Girl Wallpapers & Screen Lock</b>

Besides diamond & zipper lock screen, Screen Lock provides stylish & girly wallpapers, backgrounds, and themes for girls. Choose a funny lock screen pattern design to match your taste and preferences.

<b>► Intruders Selfie</b>

Help to catch intruders by taking a picture when he/she tries to break in your phone.

<b>► Notification Lock</b>

Notification lock is used to hide notification content of apps from the notification bar.

<b>► Control Center</b>

Screen Lock allows to activate Control Center on the lock screen and you can quickly toggle on/off WLAN, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, Volume, Brightness, Camera, Flashlight, Calculator, Alarm, etc.</br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>

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